Do You Suspect Hypothyroidism, Yet Medical Tests Keep Denying It?

Welcome to the home page of Peter de Ruyter's "Holistic Approaches to Hypothyroidism".

Here you'll find a much broader perspective on the subject of under active thyroid problems, exploring ideas that go way beyond, yet complementing what modern medicine offers on this topic.

Some questions you might like to ask yourself...

• Are you already being treated for low thyroid, or hypothyroid disease, yet continue feeling unwell?

• Or did you initially improve on the thyroid medication your doctor gave you, but then started sliding backwards again, despite repeated increases in the dose of those meds?

• Or do all your blood tests keep coming back as 'normal', yet you still feel unwell?

• Is your energy at an all-time low, with you feeling constantly tired for no apparent reason that medical testing can detect?

• Have you been experiencing weight gain lately, which won't budge despite endless diets and exercise regimes?

• Is getting pregnant just not happening for you, despite undertaking many treatment options, or are you having repeated miscarriage difficulties?

• Have you been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, but you don't wish to take the medical hormone therapy?

• Is dry skin more of a reality lately, or are you experiencing problems such as eczema or psoriasis?

• Perhaps you've noticed your hair falling out recently – particularly if you're a woman?

• If you're diabetic are the doctors finding it difficult to keep your blood sugar levels stable, despite being on meds?

• Or are you experiencing more frequent colds and flus; depression; constipation; cramps; fungal infections, or atrial fibrillation (heart palpitations), which have been difficult to stabilize medically?

• Are you having more memory problems, making you fear it may be early-onset dementia?

• Are you experiencing an anxiety attack or panic attack on a more regular, daily basis?

• Do you suffer from any autoimmune diseases; chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia?

• Are your cholesterol levels difficult to stabilize, despite a good diet or medications?

• Do you experience cold hands, or have a strong cold intolerance even in relatively warm weather?

• If you're a man, do you suffer from erectile dysfunction or low libido?

• Do health issues like gallstones or herpes keep coming back and plaguing your life?

Have you been to many doctors; had barrages of blood tests done, yet keep being told that 'everything is normal'.

Well, you certainly wouldn't be alone in having had to go through that surprisingly common, but unfortunate experience'!

Above are just some of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid.

Can Hypothyroidism Really Be The Cause Of So Many Symptoms?

But you may be thinking... 'how is it possible that so many diverse symptoms can all relate back to a sluggish thyroid – especially when the regular blood tests don’t validate such a conclusion'?

On this site, you'll discover quite a number of surprising, yet scientifically-based answers to that question.

Each webpage on '' will provide you with a deeper understanding of the many layers involved in why you may be experiencing poor thyroid function.

The answers you'll discover go way beyond the simplistic medical answer of... 'your thyroid gland isn't producing enough hormone', or... 'you're not taking enough iodine'.

Unfortunately, that naive approach provides for a minimalistic treatment solution, which is... 'you just need some thyroid hormone or iodine replacement'. End of story!

What Will This Site Offer You?

So, exactly what is hypothyroidism, and what are the most common causes of an underactive thyroid? Is living with poor thyroid function something that you can achieve?

'Knowledge is Power', and on this site you'll learn more about low thyroid function as you explore a far broader definition of hypothyroidism, as well as alternative ways of diagnosing a low thyroid condition.

This will give you a far better understanding of why the present medical model of diagnosis and therapy may not be working as well for you as it should be.

Simply choose a category as listed to the left or further down below, and start empowering yourself with lots of interesting information.

Enjoy the Journey, and may it help you reclaim the full health you’re entitled to!

Thyroid Quiz

You might like to take a quick and simple, self-assessment thyroid quiz, which can help determine whether you really do have thyroid problems or not.

Click here to access quiz

Why not back up your thyroid quiz results by also doing a really simple, yet powerful test for thyroid status, which you can do at home.

Click here for more information.

"Knowledge empowers; intuition guides – both are needed to succeed in Life's Journey"

Please note that this is a recently launched site (May 2012), with much more information to be added.

If some of the links haven't yet been activated, but you're interested in a particular topic, and would like to be advised when that information is uploaded, then do fill out the 'Contact Form' below, and you'll be advised of each new update to this site's ever-increasing amount of self-empowering information.

Some Of The Topics Covered On this Site

Hypothyroidism - Overview Thyroid Symptom Quiz
Thyroid Function Hypothyroid Symptoms
Hypothyroid Tests Basal Body Temperature
Reverse T3 rT3 Ratio
Thyroid Resistance Alternative Thyroid Tests
Thyroid Test Interpretation

Below, you'll find a more detailed description of what each link provides.

Some Background Info About This Website's Author
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Important Resources For You To Tap Into
A listing of important and empowering, self help resources
eBook – ‘Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome – Tests Always Normal Yet You Feel Unwell’
A sluggish thyroid can cause many symptoms and much ill-health. This eBook explores why medicine finds it so hard to diagnose this common health issue, and what you can do to help yourself
Hypothyroidism Overview – Exploring The Many Layers To Low Thyroid Function
Hypothyroidism Overview – explore the many reasons why present medical approaches so often fail to pick up on those with an underactive thyroid condition
Thyroid Function Explained In A More Holistic Way
Healthy thyroid function depends on healthy kidney, liver, adrenal and gut function too – an important, but often forgotten aspect to achieving optimum thyroid gland function
Understanding Hypothyroidism Symptoms From An Holistic Angle
Hypothyroidism symptoms can be many, varied, and very real - yet present blood tests are seriously inadequate for validating a genuine hypothyroidism diagnosis
Hypothyroidism Tests - Useless For Picking Up Those With Mild Thyroid Failure
Present day hypothyroidism tests are too insensitive, causing many people with mild thyroid failure to go undiagnosed, yet suffering genuine hypothyroidism symptoms
Using Your Basal Body Temperature For Diagnosing Hypothyroidism
Your basal body temperature is a more practical and sensitive way of determining how efficiently your thyroid is functioning than using blood tests alone
Alternative Hypothyroidism Tests–Vital For Correctly Diagnosed Thyroid Disease
Alternative hypothyroidism tests are so crucial, because regular thyroid test results alone are inadequate for diagnosing a sluggish thyroid - i.e. subclinical hypothyroidism
Thyroid Test Results – Understanding What They Mean
Thyroid test results – proper interpretation allows for a much earlier and more accurate diagnosis of an underactive thyroid – or subclinical hypothyroidism
Reverse T3 – A little Understood But Major Driver Of An Underactive Thyroid
Reverse T3, or rT3 – ignored by medicine, yet it’s a major player in causing hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders
rT3 Ratio – A Powerful Tool For Determining Thyroid Hormone Resistance
The rT3 Ratio is a mathematical way of determining whether you do suffer from thyroid resistance, and hence hypothyroidism
Thyroid Resistance – As Valid As Insulin Resistance, Yet Remains Unacknowledged
Thyroid resistance can be a very real basis to hypothyroidism, yet remains unacknowledged by medicine, resulting in many not getting adequate thyroid treatment
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