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On this page, you can find out more about Peter de Ruyter, born in South Africa in 1951 of Dutch migrants. In 1964 he moved with his family to Sydney, Australia, where he completed his secondary schooling before going on to study at Sydney University.

In 1975 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, which was used to obtain entrance to a specialized Nursing Course offered by Prince Henry Hospital. He graduated as a Registered Nurse two years later. Peter worked in several major Sydney teaching hospitals, and did a second Certificate in 'Nursing Unit Management' at St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

He then worked in Pathology, which provided a comprehensive experience in a multitude of orthodox diagnostic procedures. This background produced an excellent base from which to enter the Naturopathic arena.

It was during the latter years of his Nursing career that Peter became increasingly interested in Alternative or Complementary approaches to true healing. This desire lead him to undertake courses in Reiki, Homeopathy, Iridology, Bach Flower Therapy, Tissue Salt Therapy, Diet, Massage and finally to major in Medical Herbalism, in a Diploma Course conducted by the renowned herbalist, Denis Stewart, at the Southern Cross Herbal College, Australia.

Peter has presented his work at local and national conferences, and lectured to a host of lay groups. In the early days of the AIDS epidemic, he organized and facilitated many intensive workshops, and several self-help groups in which people learned a range of techniques through which to help regain their health.

In a number of radio and TV appearances, similar topics were addressed. He is author of ten books, seven of which are still in-print, or in e-format. His books cover a range of topics, from various health issues to a philosophical exploration of the human condition.

In regard to this website, his latest eBook, titled: Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome – why tests keep coming back ‘normal’, yet you continue feeling unwell, goes into great depth and detail to explore the dilemma of a subclinical (not detected by ‘normal’ medical tests) hypothyroidism condition. This eBook is available via a link offered below.

Over his three decades and more of consulting with thousands of clients, Peter has accrued a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of holistic health and wellness-related fields.

It is his hope that the information on this site will be as empowering for you as it has been for his clients.

He has always run his life according to the Motto:

'Knowledge is Power... it gives you the option to make more informed, and thus more constructive choices in Life.'

List Of Peter de Ruyter's Books

1) Lifenotes – a user's guide to making sense of life on planet earth

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(Available at Amazon as both an eBook as well as a hard-copy version. However, for Australian customers, please see "BookPOD's" link below)

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2) Stress Management – how to step off the "conveyor-belt" and reclaim your life

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3) Meditation – the simple how, where and why's to creating stability and peace in your life

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4) Creative Visualization – manifest physically to transform yourself spiritually

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5) Religions – stepping-stones on a soul's journey

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6) Reincarnation – Sequential or Simultaneous? Exploring more liberating perspectives

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7) Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome – why tests keep coming back "normal," yet you continue feeling unwell

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By sharing those years of accumulated knowledge with you, condensed into this series of highly affordable, self help eBooks, it's Peter's hope that this information helps empower your search for answers to challenges in your daily life.

General CV of Peter de Ruyter

• Born 11.9.51 in Cape Town, South Africa.

• Did primary schooling in South Africa.

• Migrated to Sydney, Australia, with parents, in 1964.

• Naturalized as Australian citizen 27.2.69

• Finished Higher School Certificate in 1969 from Asquith Boys High, Sydney, Australia.

• Graduated as a Queen Scout 8.5.69.

• Graduated from Sydney University with a B.Sc.Ag. on 22.3.75.

• Graduated as a Registered Nurse from Prince of Wales/Prince Henry Hospital complex on 5.9.79.

• Certificate of Swedish Massage from Ivor Stokes, Mosman Acupuncture Centre, Sydney, Australia, on 13.9.79.

• Certificate of Homeopathy from Australian Institute of Homeopathy, Alan Jones, Sydney, Australia, 21.1.1980.

• Graduated from a 12 month "Post Basic Nursing Unit Management" at St. Vincents Hospital, Sydney, Australia, on 30.1.81.

• Certificate of Iridology from NSW College of Natural Therapies, Sydney, Australia, 1.6.81.

• Diploma of Medical Herbalism from Denis Stewart’s "Southern Cross Herbal College", Sydney, Australia, on 5.12.82.

• Certificate in "Dining Room Service" from East Sydney Technical College, 1982.

• Admitted as a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia on 6.3.83.

• Started practice as Herbalist at the "Village Healing and Growth Centre", Paddington, Sydney, Australia, late 1982.

• Became member and Director of a healing co-operative called the "Sydney Healing Centre", Balmain, Australia, on 8.5.84 and worked there as resident herbalist for 12 years.

• Admitted as a member of the Australian Tradition Medicine Society of Australia in 1984.

• Certificate of Rebirthing from Michael Adamedes at the Euroa Healing Centre, Balmain, Australia, on 21.12.84.

• Certificate of Reiki II with Gary Samer, Sydney, Australia, on 13.10.85.

• Certificate of Auric Healing from Susanne Stuart, Sydney, Australia, November, 1989.

• First book "Coping With Candida" published in 1989 by Nature & Health Books, Sydney, Australia.

• Second book, "Living with HIV/AIDS" published in 1996 by Allen & Unwin, Sydney, Australia.

• Moved practice to Bondi Junction Wholistic Medical and Yoga Centre, Sydney, Australia, in 1996.

• Certificate of Kineseology from Dr. Anna Rolfes, Sydney, Australia, 28.6.98.

• Moved practice to Holdsworth House Medical Centre, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia,in 2000.

• Moved practice to home in Randwick, Australia, in February 2002, and has practiced from there since.

CV of Lectures, Workshops and Presentations

• Set up series of Support Groups and weekends for people with HIV/AIDS – mid to late 1980's

• Gave Meditation classes at Albion St. HIV/AIDS Clinic, Sydney, Australia – late 1980's

• National Herbalists Association Sydney Seminar – presentation – October 1991

• 4th Annual NSW HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Conference, Sydney, Australia – June 1992

• National Herbalists Association International Conference presentation – October 1992

• 5th National Conference on HIV/AIDS – lecture – December 1992

• National Herbalists Association lecture – October 1993

• Lecture to Social Workers – Albion Street, Sydney, Australia – May 1994

• Lectures to Cancer Social Workers, Sydney, Australia – November 1994

• 2nd International Herbal Conference, Australia – presentation on CFS – March 1995

• Australian Traditional Medicine, Australia – lecture on Life Force – September 1995

• South Australia AIDS Council – HIV workshop, Adelaide, Australia – December 1995

• Central Coast Area Health Service, Australia – natural therapy lecture – June 1996

• Sydney Hospital STD Clinic – lecture – July 1996

• Complementary Health Users Group, Sydney, Australia – September 1996

• NAPWA Conference, Sydney, Australia – HIV lecture – November 1996

• AIDS Council of NSW – Lismore branch – lecture – March 1997

• Australian & NZ Association of Nurses in AIDS Care; 1st Biennial Symposium lecture, Sydney, Australia – July 1997

• Noosa, Queensland, Australia - HIV Lecture to lay public – July 1997

• NatureCare College, Sydney, Australia – HIV workshop – August 1997

• National Herbalists Association Sydney Seminar – October 1997

• Northern Arizona University lecture, USA – on HIV - mid 1990's

• Hepatitis C Conference, Sydney, Australia – January 1997

• Complementary Therapies Working Group, Sydney, Australia – lecture – August 1998

• Albion Street HIV/AIDS Clinic, Sydney, Australia - HIV Nurses - lecture – May 1999

• AIDS Council of NSW Treatments Officers lecture, Sydney, Australia – August 1999

• Adelaide HIV Conference, Australia – late 1990’s

• Albion Street HIV/AIDS Clinic, Sydney, Australia – Nurses Group – lecture – May 2000

• NSW University, Sydney, Australia – first year Medical Students – August 2000

• Flordis lectures to practitioners, Sydney, Australia – February 2001

• Dr. Andrew Gowers Doctors Group, Sydney, Australia - lecture – February 2001

• Holdsworth House, Sydney, Australia – "Blues Buster"s workshop – April 2001

• HIV Nurses lectur, Sydney, Australiae – May 2001

• HIV Positive Women’s Group – lecture – August 2001

• AIDS Council of NSW – lecture on lipodystrophy – November 2001

• AIDS Council of NSW – lecture – February 2002

• Albion Street HIV Clinic, Sydney, Australia – Nurses Group – lecture – April 2002

• Endeavour College, Sydney, Australia – May 2002

• Flordis Company Discussion Group, Sydney, Australia – lecture on "Leaky Gut" – October 2002

• HIV Integrative Treatments Forum – presentation – October 2002

• NatureCare College, Sydney, Australia – HIV workshop – July 2004

• PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS), Sydney, Australia – lecture – March 2006

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