Mission Statement

My mission, as an herbalist and author with 30+ years of consulting experience, is to provide a portal to self-empowering information through which you can enhance your life and health.

I’m sure you’ll find many answers in your search for better health, here at: Holistic-Hypothyroidism-Solutions.com – an information site providing practical, holistic solutions to your life and wellness challenges, due to thyroid dysfunction.

My aim is to catalyze maximal self-empowerment within you, the visitor, towards a better understanding of:

• What hypothyroidism is, and the different stages of poor thyroid function, which are usually not recognized, let alone looked at from a medical perspective

• Why hypothyroidism is so frequently misdiagnosed

• Why a sluggish thyroid is inevitably a multi-layered health issue, far beyond a simple lack of iodine, or a thyroid gland that is not producing enough thyroid hormone

• Just how effectively an under-functioning thyroid can be treated, thus resolving the multitude of symptoms generated by this condition

This information is available to you via an ever increasing number of free, alternative health articles, as well as a range of easy-to-read, low cost, practical and empowering Self Help eBooks.

The primary Motto which has guided my life Journey over these last 3 decades is:

Knowledge is Power - it gives you the option to make more informed, and thus more constructive choices in Life

My hope for you is that all this information will help you to once again reclaim your health – especially if you’ve repeatedly been told that either… ‘there’s nothing wrong’, or whatever treatment you have been given still leaves you feeling less than well.

Come join me on a Journey of better understanding, healing and enhanced self-empowerment.

”Knowledge empowers; intuition guides – both are needed to succeed in Life’s Journey”

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