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BLIS K12 - Oral probiotic for gum, oral cavity and respiratory health

BLIS K12 is the world’s first oral probiotic providing good bacteria (Streptococcus salivarius strain) for the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract.

BLIS is an acronym for Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substances which are natural anti-bacterial agents. Studies have shown that BLIS can promote fresh breath and provide greater immunity in the oral cavity thus lowering local and systemic inflammation.

Specific applications include gum health, tonsillitis, ear infections (especially in children) and bad breath (halitosis). The lozenges are easy to take and have a pleasant, mild mint taste. This product is suitable for people of any age.

For more information on this innovative supplement, and to buy it online, please go to, by clicking on this link here.

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