Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome 
why tests keep coming back normal yet you continue feeling unwell’

In this self-help eBook you’ll discover exactly what is meant by a sluggish thyroid, also known as:

• subclinical hypothyroidism
• Hashimotos thyroiditis
• autoimmune thyroiditis
• thyroid imbalance
• central hypothyroidism
• hypothyroidism type 2
• or simply ‘enlarged thyroid’...

....can be the basis to a wide range of ill-health issues.

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The problem is that there is a “grey zone”, during which this gland is only under-functioning yet causing a lot of health issues.

Unfortunately, this level of thyroid disease is not “visible” to the tests normally used by doctors, such as the TSH, FT3 or FT4.

Result? Most times your symptoms are dismissed as being due to “stress” – or you’re seen as a hypochondriac.

This selfhelp eBook explores the many reasons why your symptoms are valid, despite not being visible, medically, and what alternative choices you do have to get better again.

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